Saturday, July 13, 2013

What To Know About The Sun Tan Lotion

By Haywood Hunter

Before all, it should be mentioned that a sun tan lotion is referred to any type of moisturizer or oil that is used for sun exposure. These products were created to reduce the risks of getting burned by sun, but leaving the possibility to bronze the skin. Before using a sun tan lotion from this category, it should be know that its utilization will not offer a maximum protection in front of sun rays.

The protection level that is coming with sun tan lotion products from this category is usually under SPF 15. This is because these have the goal to offer a minimum protection from sun rays, allowing a gradual tanning at the same time. Due to the low level of protection against the sun, the sun tan lotion should not be used on kids or those having a light color.

When compared with a traditional sunscreen product, the sun tan lotion is having the role of protecting the skin to be damaged by the sun. Sunscreens will act both on the surface layers of the skin, and underneath as well. Products containing high concentrations of zinc or titanium oxide will offer maximum protection, blocking the sun rays action.

These tanning sun lotions are usually having a SPF 5 to SPF 8, but some of them may not even contain sunscreen ingredients. At the same time, in the composition of this type of lotion might appear an accelerator of the tanning process. This acceleration can be possible with the help of a substance, L-Tyrosine, responsible with the production of melanin.

The accelerating substances from a sun tan lotion will allow the skin to tan faster, comparing with the cases when a sunscreen product is used. This acceleration of tanning is caused by the stimulation of melanin production. Again, is important to remember that for longer exposures, the sun tan lotion is recommended to be replaced with a sunscreen product having a high SPF.

There is a variety of ingredients that can be included in a sun tan lotion. Therefore we can read in the composition about tea oil, copper, green tea and not only. As these lotions are also having the role to hydrate the skin, many of them are containing hempseed oil, a rich moisturizing. A hydrated skin will remain smooth and healthy in front of sun rays.

One of the purposes of the products from this category is the moisturizing of the skin. This is because the sun exposure can dehydrate the skin, and therefore this intervention is necessary to keep the skin healthy. The moisturizing ingredients are in general similar with the ones presented in a regular sun tan lotion, but with the tendency to eliminate the alcohol in them.

In case of prolonged exposures to the sun, the sun tan lotion should be replaced with a sunscreen product offering a high protection level. This is because the tanning accelerator will allow tanning faster, but it will not offer protection. A low sun tan lotion can increase the risks of damaging the skin, while a proper protection can reduce these risks.

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